Meet the Team

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CrossFit Coatesville was founded to provide quality instruction in physical fitness through constantly varied workouts created and instructed by dedicated staff for dedicated members. Founders Kyle Wegman and Jason Griggs have a deep appreciation for the form and function of CrossFit as well as the benefits it has in fostering a healthy lifestyle and improving performance for elite athletes, athletes rehabilitating from injury and beginner athletes aspiring to improve their lives through fitness.

Jason Griggs is an active duty service member serving in the United States Army Special Forces. The physical demands of the job, of a Green Beret with multiple combat tours, left Jason with injuries and ailments that impeded his physical well-being and hindered his physical performance on the job. Jason confided in his lifelong friend and CrossFit instructor, Kyle Wegman, for advice on overcoming these injuries so he could once again perform above the physical expectations of his career and continue to perform indefinitely. Kyle’s answer was CrossFit. Kyle developed a program to rehabilitate, rebuild, and sustain Jason’s elite level of fitness through CrossFit starting from the very basic CrossFit exercises and stretches progressing to expert level lifts and routines that were eventually adopted by Jason’s entire team. The number of injuries on Jason’s team were drastically reduced during their next deployment. The team’s improved performance and overall well-being was noted by the entire command.

Inspired by the results, Kyle approached Jason with the idea of starting CrossFit Coatesville. One year later the business was born. CrossFit Coatesville hopes to help wounded warriors, aspiring athletes and anyone who seeks to improve their lives through CrossFit. As the business grows and adapts to the needs of our customers we aim to eventually hire on a Physical Therapist and Nutritionist in order to offer our clients every advantage to their physical goals and needs. CrossFit Coatesville honors all service members, firefighters, law enforcement, and any emergency services personnel  by offering discounted memberships. We promise to create workouts custom tailored to each member’s current level of fitness while still pushing them to attain their goals.

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